Thought Control is very real and we are all victim of it. Even those ‘aware’ in here are still under massive amounts of thought control because we have been constantly exposed to it in our entire lives through TV, Movies, Schools, Radios…. All media is used to manipulate society.

There comes a time, when we have to question everything that we have been told, our government no longer fear us. The politicians sells us out, the mainstream media sell the narratives.

The saddest part of this, is the most people buy what is being sold. It is time more people should ask where the mainstream media get it’s information… are they ‘reporting’ or ‘narrating’.

Therefore, never assume you are free. Never assume you are fully awake. Keep pushing; keep fighting. The good news is each of us as individual has the power to free ourselves. Our spirits have been buried by all the propaganda we have consumed.

But the ‘real’ you is still there. You just have to reject what you have consumed and find yourself. Redefine yourself .

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Stay healthy, stay happy.😷


The longing to have more than what you currently possess is something which is constant in every human being’s life. If today you have 1 million dollars with you, you want 10 more. If you have that, you want 100 more.

We are always trying to enhance our current level of what we misunderstand as comfort but actually, it is not comfort we are seeking, its stability. And i don’t see this as something sinful or bad.

This is a natural human longing which is a product of human intelligence. No matter how much you try to suppress it, it always tries to find expression by different means. So, why not let it find it’s true expression?

A longing for more stability in life lead by the truth. But… i think it’s misdirected and that’s why no matter how rich a person is with materialistic aspects, they’d always want more.

So, to end this misguided longing and search, we need to direct our focus from material world (which clearly has no stop to it) towards longing to know the truth. Maybe that would take us to what our concious is actually looking for.

Stay safe, stay healthy.😷

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It usually happens that you always lean on to things or person which feels familiar. It’s because of your subconscious which tricks you into believing this. That’s why you keep attracted to same kind of energy that you had attracted in the past.

You become more comfortable withit because your subconscious is more comfortable to accept that than something new because it’s safe to do that. Anything new feels like a threat.

Some people often seems to be encountering the same type of people in their life because they fit right into the old patterns and wounds that they had experienced and since they survived that, their mind concludes that they can survive this one too. Hence, their subconscious tricks them into thinking this person is for them just to keep them safe.

You can break this subconscious habit of your mind by simply not having any presumptions about people you meet and training your mind about how every person and their personalities or the way they behave has nothing to do with you.

Self focus is the only way you will be able to create energy which would attract what’s meant for that particular energy that you are putting out, and not attract people or things based on your experience.

Trust me, when you accept the people for who they are, keeping aside the prejudices you have built in your mind for them, life could be so easy and beautiful. It will take time as their is a process for everything.


See you next time.🌻


A year that many of us won’t forget. A year thar brought us all together as we shared a global experience.

A year that showed us our state as humans. All that we have gone through, from the loss of loved ones to our mental health being affected, let this year be a teacher to us.

Understand that there is a blessing in disguise to every experience, each moment and each sorrow which we are going to realise with coming years.

Appreciate and value those loved ones in your life, have patience with them, forgive them and make them know that they mean something to you in your life.

I hope humanity will gain much goodness from all this as we realise how much we are all dependent on each other.

I pray 2021 will bring goodness to each and every single one of you.

Thankyou for reading🌻

Happy New Year💫


There’s more to a human being than their appearance, sexuality, lifestyle, emotions and what they usually project on the exterior.

Once you develop a vision which sees beyond all those layers , you’ll discover that they are just like you. And once you start treating as you not like you and me separately.

You’ll naturally be kind and generous to everyone around you. No one will ever need to teach you to be kind and empathetic towards other life.


That picture is taken from another fellow, so excuse me my friend.🌻

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In our education system, we are made to believe that our memory is our intelligence which is the biggest blunder and people have been doing it for years and years.

The word ‘memory’, ‘intellect’ and ‘intelligence’ are used interchangeably. From what i have experienced, these are to be used differently. Human memory simply means recalling information which have been gathered from past experiences. And the ability to use this memory to solve a problem or draw conclusion is what we call intellect. Even a machine can do that work. What extra are you doing to be called as the most intelligent person in the world? Human intelligence simply means to be self aware and spiritually concious.

When your phone knows about your subject of expertise better than you, will you call yourself more intelligent? Anything that you can do right now, a machine can do better than you. But what it cannot is experience life and touch different dimensions of existence.

Your intelligence is given to you for purpose, please use it and see where you can take yourself in life. It’s time to be less of a computer and more of a human being. If you have this potential, why not make the most of it?

Thankyou for reading!


And just like that, question everything in life. Remember when as a child you kept asking question for the most obvious things which you just ignore now.

Many problems arise from making assumptions. If you assume, you think you know when you probably don’t. Instead of blindly accepting things as they are. Ask yourself single most important question you could ever ask yourself, WHY? Only then you will begin to live life.

People tend to remain silent because they have assumed alot of things because they believe what they know is answer and the only answer to that particular question.


I will keep you posted.

Thankyou again for reading!

I wish you peace.

MANDALA ART : My First Encounter

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” – Thomas Merton

This is my first Encounter with Mandala Art. It has some spiritual connection, the art represents and brings infinite energy. It had a calming effect on me.

Have you tried your hand at Mandala Art? If not, do try it. It makes for an excellent meditative exercise that can be done using the most common tools pen/pencil and paper.